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President - Tina Belotti, MA

Vice President - R. Duncan Mathewson III, Ph.D

Secretary/Treasurer - Theresa Raven

Education Coordinator - Christina Belotti, Ed.D

Non Profit and Permit Advisor - Arlene Mathewson, RN MPH

Community Liaison - Michael Puto

Advisor - Gina Martin, LSCW

Advisor - Bill Martin, LSCW

Parent Liaison - Matt Pitcher

Parent Liaison - Reeta Pitcher


The Educational Coalition for Monroe County (ECMC) is a non profit organization that has served the youth of Monroe County, Florida since 1998.

ECMC’s mission is to promote prevention of destructive behaviors among sixth through twelfth grade students and instill the importance of volunteerism and providing service among our youth volunteers.     ECMC teaches volunteerism to youth volunteers by providing basic needs, necessary tools, and support to students living in special circumstances to enable them to reach their goals, achieve success, and help their peers. 


Executive Directors 

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